If you’re a potential trainer, either a teacher in a classroom environment or a group leader from a coalition or initiative, Facilitator’s Kits are available to order. They include the presentational materials (PowerPoints) you see in the training videos and feature the Facilitator’s Notes in the “notes” section of each PowerPoint, adding a level of insight from the trainer’s perspective.

A Facilitator’s Kit is a one-time purchase, allowing the trainer to lead as many trainings as desired from the course materials.

If students are not enrolled in an Online Training course, we ask that each student purchase their own copy of the related Participant Guide (pdf). This is copyrighted material and should not be shared or distributed. The Participant Guide (pdf) is included as a download for any student enrolled in an Online Training course.

More information about ordering Facilitator’s Kits and Participant Guides can be found on this order form.


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