Module 8: Increasing Participation and Membership

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A group of people gathered in a meeting.


Increasing participation and membership across sectors and constituent groups is a fundamental ability that contributes to understanding the community context and collaborative planning.  Continuously working to expand membership to ensure a diverse and engaged group of participants grounds the work in what is locally important and feasible.

In this training, we will address four primary issues in increasing membership and participation: outreach, recruitment, engagement in the effort, and maintaining involvement and sustaining commitment.


Learning Objectives

  • Learn how to intentionally involve others in the work, and engage them in ways that keep them involved over time
  • Identify key principles in outreach and recruitment that can contribute to the group’s effort
  • Learn how to build relationships and motivate participants to engage in the work
  • Understand how to create an atmosphere and conditions that promote diversity, participation and success
  • Learn steps in assessing whether the current involvement is sufficient and/or how to make changes in the participation plan


Module 8: Increasing Participation and Membership
Lesson 8.1 Identifying and Connecting with Those to Be Reached
Lesson 8.2 Recruiting New Members to the Organization or Effort
Lesson 8.3 Engaging Community Members in the Effort
Lesson 8.4 Maintaining Involvement and Sustaining Commitment of Members
Lesson 8.5 Putting It All Together: A Plan for Increased Participation



Video Presenter: Christina M. Holt, M.A.