Module 6: Building Leadership

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Stacked wooden building blocks.


Developing leadership is central to mobilizing sustainable efforts for change and improvement. Developing leadership is a process of enabling, enhancing, focusing, and sustaining engagement of people in a common purpose. This process creates opportunities for people affected by a problem and other stakeholders to participate, build relationships, and have influence on the change effort. Leadership is often reported as the most critical organizational factor for a partnership’s effectiveness in creating community and system change.


Learning Objectives

  • Learn about leadership activities and methods
  • Understand how to develop trust and empower others for the purpose of shared leadership
  • Learn skills for developing great teams


Module 6: Building Leadership
Lesson 6.1 Community Leadership: Some Key Ideas, Styles, and Qualities
Lesson 6.2 Developing a Plan for Building Leadership
Lesson 6.3 Collaborative Leadership
Lesson 6.4 Servant Leadership
Lesson 6.5 Developing a Great Leadership Team
Lesson 6.6 Putting It All Together: Creating a Leadership Development Plan



Video Presenter: Stephen B. Fawcett, Ph.D.