Module 11: Influencing Policy Development

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There are times when organizational or public policies–the laws and regulations that affect citizens’ everyday lives–need to be changed to address community problems and goals.

This training looks at issues and options to consider in setting the public agenda, determining why policy change may be needed, and identifying what your organization or initiative can offer. Learn steps involved in conducting research to inform public opinion and give decisionmakers needed information, how to gain public support, and identify what your group can do to advance its policy goals.


Learning Objectives

  • Understand the stages of policy development
  • Learn when and why research is crucial for policy development, and methods for policy research
  • Learn to prepare an issue brief related to your policy goal
  • Develop an action plan to execute your group’s policy goals
  • Learn to identify potential allies and opponents, and what tactics they may use
  • Understand steps in seeking accountability and enforcement


Module 11: Influencing Policy Development
Lesson 11.1 Setting the Public Agenda
Lesson 11.2 Conducting Research to Influence Policy Development
Lesson 11.3 Developing Policy Goals and Plans
Lesson 11.4 Gaining Support for Policy Options
Lesson 11.5 Assuring Accountability and Enforcement of Existing Policies and Laws
Lesson 11.6 Putting It All Together: Planning to Influence Policy



Video Presenter: Stephen B. Fawcett, Ph.D.