Module 13: Implementing a Social Marketing Effort

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Social marketing – promoting socially-important ideas and practices – is an important aspect of community work.  At some point in your work, you may have to use promotional techniques to encourage widespread behavior change related to your goals.

This training provides an overview of the key aspects of social marketing, starting with the idea of social marketing, and helps you understand why, when, and how to engage in it.  Each of the lessons focuses on a specific aspect of social marketing, such as listening, communicating, and making the behavior change easier and more rewarding. The final lesson will help you plan an actual social marketing campaign that you can use in your community.


Learning Objectives

  • Understand why and when social marketing can be effective
  • Identify the 4 P’s of marketing
  • Identify methods for market research
  • Learn how to plan a social marketing campaign


Module 13: Implementing a Social Marketing Effort
Lesson 13.1 Engaging in a Social Marketing Campaign
Lesson 13.2 Listening to Those Whose Behavior Matters
Lesson 13.3 Communicating Information to Key Audiences
Lesson 13.4 Making the Desired Behavior Change Easier and More Rewarding
Lesson 13.5 Supporting and Maintaining Behavior Changes
Lesson 13.6 Using Principles of Persuasion to Influence Adoption and Use of Practices
Lesson 13.7 Putting It All Together: Planning a Social Marketing Campaign



Video Presenter: Dola Williams