Module 10: Advocating for Change

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Man in wheelchair exiting public bus.


When basic needs are not met, or when human rights are violated, we call out–and act–on behalf of others. This is advocacy. Reflect on what advocates do, hone your advocacy skills, plan your advocacy efforts, and learn how to plan for and respond to opposition with this course.


Learning Objectives

  • Learn about effective advocacy
  • Learn skills and tactics for taking action for a cause


Module 10: Advocating for Change
Lesson 10.1 Twenty Guidelines for Effective Advocacy
Lesson 10.2 Preparing for Advocacy through Research
Lesson 10.3 Matching Advocacy Tactics with Your Situation and Goals
Lesson 10.4 Implementing Advocacy Tactics with Allies and Against Opposition
Lesson 10.5 Putting It All Together: Planning Your Advocacy Effort



Video Presenter: Stephen B. Fawcett, Ph.D.