Module 3: Analyzing Problems and Goals

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This training will teach you to conduct a meaningful analysis of community problem(s) and goal(s) to inform potential solutions.


Learning Objectives

  • Learn strategies for analyzing root causes of problems or goals
  • Understand personal and environmental factors
  • Learn how to identify targets and agents of change


Module 3: Analyzing Problems and Goals
Lesson 3.1 Naming and Framing Problems and Goals
Lesson 3.2 Analyzing the Problem or Goal
Lesson 3.3 Identifying Personal and Environmental Factors that Contribute to Risk and Protection
Lesson 3.4 Identifying Targets of Change and Agents of Change: Who Can Benefit and Who Can Help
Lesson 3.5 Generating and Choosing Solutions
Lesson 3.6 Putting It All Together: Analyzing Your Community’s Problems and Goals



Video Presenter: Stephen B. Fawcett, Ph.D.