Module 12: Evaluating the Initiative

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Evaluation is crucial for the work of successful programs and initiatives.  Evaluation helps us understand what is happening (and what works) in a program or initiative, improve functioning through feedback and quality improvement systems, and provide accountability to stakeholders.

Informed by the principles, values, and methods of community-based evaluation and participatory action research, this module is meant to be hands on and practical, helping you consider how you can use your evaluation to improve your effort, communicate progress to stakeholders, and celebrate success.


Learning Objectives

  • Develop skills for discerning appropriate evaluation questions
  • Develop knowledge of process and outcome measures
  • Identify how to use evaluation data to learn and make adjustments, share lessons learned, and communicate findings to stakeholders


Module 12: Evaluating the Initiative
Lesson 12.1 Concepts and Attributes of Evaluation
Lesson 12.2 Determining Who Cares and What They Care About
Lesson 12.3 Developing Evaluation Questions Consistent with the Framework and Intervention
Lesson 12.4 Gathering Evidence to Address the Evaluation Questions
Lesson 12.5 Using Evaluation Data to Learn and Make Adjustments
Lesson 12.6 Communicating the Findings to Relevant Audiences
Lesson 12.7 Using Standards to Assess Your Evaluation Plan
Lesson 12.8 Putting It All Together: Developing an Evaluation Plan



Video Presenter: Christina M. Holt, M.A.