Module 15: Improving Organizational Management and Development

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A black slate with a lightbulb sitting on it and chalk lines radiating from it with thought-bubble circles.


Obtain guidance for enhancing your group or organization’s governance structure, operations, and communications to help you as you work towards your shared goals.


Learning Objectives

  • Explore different forms of governance and management structures
  • Understand how to manage and enhance human resources
  • Learn how to create sound business and financial operations
  • Learn steps for ensuring effective communication internally and externally


Module 15: Improving Organizational Management and Development
Lesson 15.1 Developing Governance and Management Structures
Lesson 15.2 Managing and Enhancing Human Resources
Lesson 15.3 Creating Sound Business and Financial Operations
Lesson 15.4 Ensuring Excellent Communications
Lesson 15.5 Putting It all Together: Improving Your Organizational Management and Development



Video Presenter: Jerry Schultz, Ph.D.