Module 16: Sustaining the Work or Initiative

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Planning for sustainability helps community initiatives plan and implement efforts for the long haul. When groups engage in the process of sustaining the work, they can develop the necessary commitment, capacity, and resources (e.g., funds, community leaders, and organizations) to ensure that the values, ideas, and processes of the effort are widely shared and deeply felt; that important relationships are nurtured and remain strong; that policy and practice innovations are institutionalized and become the norm; and that needed financial and human resources are secured for the long term.


Learning Objectives

  • Identify 12 strategies for sustainability
  • Learn 10 tasks for developing a marketing plan
  • Learn how to create a plan for sustainability


Module 16: Sustaining the Work or Initiative
Lesson 16.1 Developing a Plan for Sustaining Your Program or Initiative
Lesson 16.2 Using the Twelve Tactics for Sustainability
Lesson 16.3 Developing Business and Marketing Plans
Lesson 16.4 Putting It All Together: Sustaining Your Work or Initiative



Video Presenter: Christina M. Holt, M.A.