Module 7: Developing an Intervention

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Older hands cupping younger hands while they hold a seedling in dirt.


This training helps you assure key aspects of promising approaches are put into practice as intended and to meet local needs. Implementing effective interventions often requires adapting interventions to different or changing conditions, especially when programs or policies are applied in different populations, places, and situations. The process of implementing effective interventions can help you combine understanding of what has worked elsewhere with local conditions and opportunities to improve outcomes for a “real-world” impact.

Implementing effective interventions is a key process to help communities target and change community conditions for behavioral and population-level improvements.


Learning Objectives

  • Understand how to identify components and elements of effective community interventions
  • Learn how to review and select best practices, adapting interventions to fit the local context
  • Understand ethical guidelines in implementing interventions


Module 7: Developing an Intervention
Lesson 7.1 Developing a Preliminary Community Intervention
Lesson 7.2 Reviewing and Selecting Best Practices
Lesson 7.3 Adapting Interventions to Fit the Local Context
Lesson 7.4 Ethical Considerations in Implementing Interventions
Lesson 7.5 Putting It All Together: Creating a Plan for Developing an Intervention



Video Presenter: Vincent Francisco, Ph.D.