Module 5: Developing Strategic and Action Plans

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Developing strategic and action plans provides a map for moving from a community initiative’s vision to improvements in outcomes.  The strategic plan provides overall direction on the path going from where things are now to where you hope they will be. The action plan identifies specific changes the group seeks to accomplish its goals. Community work can be greatly enhanced by a clear vision and mission statement, explicit objectives, varied strategies, and a comprehensive and detailed action plan.

This training walks through the processes involved in creating such plans, using a process called “VMOSA,” where a Vision, Mission, Objectives, Strategies and an Action Plan are developed.


Learning Objectives

  • How to develop a strategic plan using the “VMOSA” technique.
  • Building consensus on the action plan
  • Using strategic plans to guide the work


Module 5: Developing Strategic and Action Plans
Lesson 5.1 VMOSA I: Vision, Mission and Objectives
Lesson 5.2 VMOSA II: Strategies and Action Plans
Lesson 5.3 Reviewing and Building Consensus on Your Action Plan
Lesson 5.4 Using Strategic and Action Plans to Guide and Enhance Your Work
Lesson 5.5 Putting It All Together: Creating Your Strategic and Action Plans



Video Presenter: Christina M. Holt, M.A.